Some words on Ukrainian crisis and nationalism

Published 2022, 02. 22 . (From a Letter to my Friend) 

My opinion about Ukraine: there is an aphorism «When a warehouse of goods is stolen, it is set on fire.» In my opinion, this is the essence of all politics in Ukraine.

Firstly, the government wants to sell the country to the EU and NATO and in every possible way sells the rights of Ukraine. Ukraine is already governed by the United States (Ambassador, etc.).  Secondly, the government is monstrously corrupt, industry is destroyed, huge external debts, the country is in a state of «Third world». But the moment of balancing is approaching. Third, It is necessary to set fire to the warehouse, the fire will write off everything (theft and debts). And how to start a fire? — This is to arrange a war with Russia: to start killing the Russian civilian population in the east of the country, at the same time, to fire artillery at Russian territory … (all this is already happening). Russia has no choice….


Published on 2022,02. 26 (In the Internet)

Hi to everybody! I am a Russian (from Moscow). Let me present you some basic facts of today`s conflict at Ukraine.

Russians and Ukrainians are two different words to name one and the same etnithity, originally these names mean basically  geographical regions. Russians – are northern Russians, Ukrainians – southern Russians, Belorussians – western Russians. They are not more different from each other then Anglo-men from Sax-men.  It is a joke of History that they have three different States.  So, this war and “Russian invasion” are in fact a CIVIL WAR within one nation, but not a «Foreign agression».

Ukraine has peacefully acquired Independency since 1991 .  And as result of its development now It is de-facto a failed, bankrupt State.  Ukraine State is suffering of severe inner-elite crisis, conflict between western region and eastern region. In 2014 western-region elite supported by USA and Germany, Poland has committed a Coup. Ideology of new rulling elite is Neo-nazism (anti-russian), Corruption, and Joining   NATO. Since 2014 eastern regions (bordering with Russia) refused to obey the coup. One region (Crimea) immediatedly left Ukraine and after referendum joined Russia. Another large region (Donbass) was quickly attacked by Kievs Government and there has started a civil war within Ukraine, war between Kiev and Donbass.                Russia was for 8 years delaying any active actions against Ukraine, Russia has had good hope  that Kiev could settle the conflict by itself, Russia has no interest to be involved in that conflict. But now its patience is over.                                                    Why?  — For three main reasons.

1) After 8 years it is absolutely clear Kiev `s Government was always lying it wouldn’t stop violence and terror in Donbass and settle peaceful solution of conflict. There are regular Army, tanks and artillery everyday bombing villages and towns, killing masses of civil population  there. (There is absolutely no information of this genocide in western media). Russia is tired to watch patiently  this neo-nazists policy and genocide.                                                                                                                               2) More troubling. Ukraine has come very close to entering NATO. For Kiev it is a kind of business, i.e. they want to sell to USA military safety of Russia.  Joining NATO means there will appear military basis of USA in Ukraine very close to Russia (sometimes 600 km from Moscow). There will be located USA`s missiles with nuclear heads.  So, it would be something like Washingtons gun touching Russian head.  The world can remember similar situation already.  Do you remember “Cubanian crisis” (Soviet missiles on Cuba) in 1962?   That was one step before nuclear war of superpowers.  Now Kiev and Washington want to repeat the situation.                                                                                                                                       3) Most dangerous. Even if Washington will postpone to open his basis at the Russian border, nevertheless, Kiev has its “Plan-B” – Kiev is going to develop its own nuclear bomb (dirty bomb). He was talking of it sometimes before. And last time, one week ago at Munich Conference, President Zelensky officially and openly threatened that Ukraine is going to have its nuclear bomb (dirty). His words are not fancy. Ukraine has 5 nuclear electricity generating stations and nuclear materials. Since soviet times they know technologies and have professionals. And they have missiles to bring  the bombs to the goal. …

To resume briefly. Nowdays Ukraine is a kind of “ISIS” (but not Islamic, it is just terrorist State) in the center of Europe.                                                                          Russia has got angry. We have no right to delay more to finish this “Ukrainian agonia” in the center of Europe, we must act before they will get nuclear bomb  and create World War III.

I am sorry if I have destroyed your sentimental Tale how a “Democratic Ukraine” is defending Freedom and Democracy from horrible Putin, which is very popular in Western media.


Published 2022. 02. 28 (in the Net.                                                                        (If you have any interest to Russian themes, do not be afraid to brouse Russian Internet. Now there are quite suitable translating soft. I dare recommend you this one ((yandex)      You insert the text in Russian and Yandex presents it to you in quite comprehensible English.)

Только нужно употреблять правильную терминологию. Национализм — это когда люди хотят одевать вышиванки и говорить на своей мове, читать Т.Шевченко, и т.д. Мы над этим можем лишь деликатно посмеиваться, хихикать, иногда национализм вполне достоин и уважения.    А нацизм — это когда запрещают говорить на родном языке, грозят расправами, бросают в тюрьмы, избивают и пытают власти и каратели, обстреливают из танков и градов жилые кварталы — и все только за то, что ты русский, или просто «не той нации». И вот с ними, нацистами, нужно драться, можно и с оружием в руках.

Почему важно их четко различать? Потому что «вышиваночных патриотов» много, а нацисты — это уроды, больные бешеные заразные псы, и они всегда меньшинство. Если вы станете их смешивать, то националисты примкнут к нацистам, вольются в их ряды. И, наоборот, нацисты станут успешно маскироваться под националистов, и вы сами своей небрежной и безграмотной идеологией и политикой будете умножать число ваших врагов. Корень слов один, а сущность весьма разная.

А ваша задача, правильная цель, — разделить националистов и нацистов, первым — терпимость, наше образование и воспитание. А нацистам — ну, что там делают с подонками, убийцами, предателями, карателями? Их на гусеницы наматывают, или к стенке ставят, а может «веревочный галстук» на шею повязывают…?

Терминология должна быть правильной: ибо это — анализ, приговор и постановка задачи.